A romantic lakeside lodges in the countryside, this is the perfect place to relax and be at one with nature in Belgium




The six lodges are nestled in a green valley in the middle of the Maredsolian countryside. They are built on top of old fishponds, each with their own sun-lit terrace. At aqualodge, visitors, birds and fish enjoy a peaceful lifestyle in the sun.


Each lodge is built from red cedar (outside) and fir (inside), but their rustic look, wood  stove/burner  and smell of fir is all they have in common. It is their interiors, terrace and orientation that make them unique.

THE service

The stay is all about relaxation and enjoying the countryside. After registering at reception, all you have to do is open the door of your lodge and enjoy the surroundings. You will probably notice a stove there, in which logs will have been pre-assembled in order to save you any kind of wood load and make it easier for you to light the fire.
There are two options for breakfast and dinner. Breakfast will be delivered to your lodge discreetly via a service hatch, so as not to disturb your privacy and allow you to savour your time in the countryside. Dinner is prepared by a local chef in glass jars, delivered before your arrival at the lodge. If you dream of lounging naked in your lodge, don't forget to close your curtains or you might be seen by the occupants of the neighbouring lodges.


We met the hosts’ son. Through chatting to him we immediately felt his attachment to the place and the pleasure it brings him. For him, being close to nature is essential. Therefore, being able to offer a getaway to the great outdoors in a place that is dear to him makes  perfect sense.


We noted research into the quality and supply chain of offering seasonal and local food. But above all we feel a desire to improve, to be more ambitious and to tackle subjects like zero waste.

THE Little extra

Your luggage will be carried for you up to your lodge. 
You will be able to enjoy the country side from your doorstep and wonder around this beautiful scenery.
Possibility to rent bikes.


190€ - 290€

Number of rooms

6 lodges of 2 people


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+32  492 / 06 . 96 . 06

Ps: Do not hesitate to let the host know you are coming from us!


Situated nearby the village of Maredsous, there is a lot to do:
Walks bike rides, visit the abbey and its cheese dairy, relaxation massage in your lodge 
Where to eat? Ask the receptionist, she will be of good help

Where and when

Germensau, 16, 5644 Ermeton-sur-Biert (Maredsous), Belgium

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 Open all year long


Your best option is to come with a car