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What is Find Your Nest? 

Find Your Nest is a collection of unique hotels, B&B, Glamping places, holiday homes in Belgium and beyond designed and decorated with taste and sensitivity, chosen with care. Each of them is a "nest" where you will feel at home, where the beauty and charm of the place will enchant you.

Today Find Your Nest offers almost 50 independent hosts accross Belgium and beyond. Reservations are made directly with the host, no commissions! 

Why CHOOSE Find Your Nest?

Finding amazing and affordable accommodation is incredibly time consuming and even stressful! Something that should be fun can become a real headache. Where are the beautiful corners of our country hiding? And most importantly, how and where to find them? How do you cut through the vast offer of the usual booking platforms? Are the reviews reliable? And do you have the best price?

Find Your Nest helps you to discover the most beautiful corners of Belgium and elsewhere! 

How to book on Find Your Nest?

Find Your Nest does not take reservations directly. We want the host and his customers to maintain a direct relationship in order to offer you the best experience at the best price. 

How do I pay ON Find Your Nest?

Only payments for gift cards are made via the site. All reservations are made directly through the hotel website. If you would like to benefit from a travel planning service, please fill in the questionnaire here. 

How do I contact the "NESTS" on Find Your Nest? 

Each hotel can be contacted directly via the "contact the host" button. Simply click on the name of the accommodation you like to access the article referring to it.

Do you visit all the ACCOMODATIONS listed on the platform?

We visit each accommodation and meet their managers and/or owners. Find Your Nest wants to build lasting and honest relationships with each of these partners. This also allows us to make a more accurate selection that best matches our selection criteria. 

Do you take commissions?

Find Your Nest does not take any bookings directly and therefore does not take any commission. We want the host and their guests to maintain a direct link in order to offer the best experience guaranteed at the best price.

How do I add my hotel, B&B, cottage to your collection?

If you would like to be part of our collection, please contact us via the contact form

What are you doing for the environment?

We are sensitive to the environment, it is one of our values.

During each visit, we ask the guest about their sustainable approach. We also pay attention to the quality of the products and materials used and their origin. The maximum use of local resources as well as the efficient management of energy and waste is one of the key evaluation criteria. We have also decided to plant one tree per year for each accommodation belonging to the collection. 

What are the selection criteria for Find Your Nest?

Type of hotel: 

  • Independent and/or family hotels 

  • Small local hotel groups

  • Bed and Breakfast

  • Gites

Atmosphere: what makes us want to discover the place

  • Conviviality: You feel at home here. Thanks to the serenity that emanates from the place and the pleasure shared, to make a new encounter and to feel welcomed... 

  • Harmony: Each element contributes to the aesthetic, conceptual and design research.

  • Authenticity: The sincerity and truthfulness of the place and its guests.

What are the values of Find Your Nest ?

  • Authenticity: The true and sincere character in all simplicity of each of our visits to these unique places and encounters with their hosts. We are committed to describing these little corners of paradise in an unbiased way while adding our own personality.

  • Build lasting relationships: Our profession and passion is to go and meet each of our guests: To create a lasting bond, to put a face to a name, a place, an email address. It is also through these encounters that we are convinced that we can provide you with the best description of the places and their hosts in order to transmit their values, promises and passion. We also want to encourage you to live this meeting with your host, by guaranteeing you a direct link with him/her when making reservations and requests. Indeed, no commission is taken at the time of booking.  onsider telling a great story that provides personality. Writing a story with personality for potential clients will assists with making a relationship connection. This shows up in small quirks like word choices or phrases. Write from your point of view, not from someone else's experience.

  • Environmental responsibility: We are very sensitive to the beauty of the earth and respect for it and its occupants. We will be attentive to the quality of the products and materials used as well as their origin. The maximum use of local resources as well as the efficient management of energy and waste is one of the key evaluation criteria. We have also decided to plant one tree per guest belonging to the collection per year.

What is a GIFT card? 

It is a personalised card that we create for you. It has no value, it just gives you a nice card to offer on the day.

How do gift cards work?

It's very simple, we offer you a personalised gift card to offer a stay in one of the accommodation in our collection. You choose the design, the message you want to convey and the value of the gift voucher you want to offer. We will produce the personalised card for you and send it to you by email in PDF format. Your recipient will then have to choose from the offer according to the amount offered. Once they have made their choice, all you have to do is make the reservation for them at the chosen establishment. We do not take any payment at the moment but we hope to be able to offer you gift vouchers of a fixed value in the near future in order to facilitate the booking process.