Luxury glamping-chic hotel in the ardennes

Romantic luxury stay in a cabin in the tree in Belgium




The locality of the Rensiwez owes its name to the Rensiwez watermill, situated on the banks of the river Ourthe in the valley of the two Ourthes. When we reach Rensiwez, we recognized the fauna and flora of this land, typical of the Ardennes, a wooded and rocky setting surrounded by fir trees. The hotel sits on an 8-hectare estate, a true haven of peace where it is good to recharge one's batteries and enjoy an unusual, top-of-the-range stay. Authenticity is king, with no question of damaging the natural heritage and distorting the landscape. The huts are almost invisible from the winding roads. 


In total, the Rensiwez estate consists of a "mill" with 6 rooms and 19 hidden cabins, all unique and differently named. One will have a sauna and the other a Norwegian bath, one will be perched in a tree while the other will be by the riverside. Each of these “nests” has been thought out and designed with care and personality. However, each hut has a "cocoon" side to it, with a cosy bed built into a wooden structure, a kitchen and a stove. The furniture and accessories of each one are meticulously chosen and found by hunting in Belgian shops. It is possible that a common wooden wardrobe actually hides a small table for two, beautifully set next to a window overlooking the view. 

THE service

The reception is simple, there is always a member of staff who welcomes you and provides you with a map of the estate to explain where your hut is located. Afterwards, you are free to discover and enjoy the place. It is possible to order a breakfast to be picked up at the reception or to pre-order a catering service for dinner. You can bring anything you wish; a kitchen is at your disposal as well as a barbecue. A nice  surprise, at your arrival in the hut, two cold “Chouffe” beers will be waiting for you!


We had the chance to meet Bénédicte, decorator and communication manager. During our visit, she tells us that the idea came from her brother in law. For him, it was a childhood dream to build huts. Each hut is named after a family member who has been involved in the history of the place. His dream has not yet been completely fulfilled as he recently decided to add 13 cabins perched on the ridge of the valley, offering a breathtaking view.


In such a wild and beautiful environment, it was key for the owners to respect it and limit their footprint. We feel it is important to mention that the watermill located on the estate provides 90% of the cabins' electricity. The cleaning products are of the "Ecovert" brand.

the little extra

Each hut is unique and has its own little extra. Whatever your choose, you will not be disappointed. We particularly liked the hut "The Nest" where the bed is housed in a real nest that rises and hangs in the hut.
Families are welcome, there are a few huts with 4 beds.


From 160€ during the week and 400€ on weekend (varies according to the hut)

Number of rooms

2 per cabin, some cabins for 4 but with children, not adults


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T: +32 61 28 90 27


Ps: Do not hesitate to let the host know you are coming from us!


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Where and when

1 Moulin de Rensiwez, 6663 Houffalize, Belgium

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 Open all year long


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