ecotourism in Belgium
Does it exist?

We often hear about eco-lodges, passive houses or sustainable hotels and holiday homes, but they are not always easy to find especially in Belgium!

Who says new year says new resolutions. In 2021, Find Your Nest would like to continue to further promote sustainable and ecological initiatives in the hotel sector in order to offer you a more respectful and sustainable holiday for our beautiful planet.

Today, more than ever, we are aware of the environmental impact of each industry. Since the beginning of the Find Your Nest adventure, we have always been attentive to the effort made by our hosts to address this issue. Some of them have already proved to be real "Eco-lodges". 

Ecotourism in Belgium 1


We have gathered some of the sustainable and ecological solutions we have observed during our visits.
And we think it will inspire others who wish to move towards ecotourism in Belgium and elsewhere.


Efforts to become more sustainable can be seen in all kinds of elements, including the cosmetic products on offer. The fashion for small, individual plastic bottles is well and truly a thing of the past. Establishments are moving towards sustainable solutions, more trendy than ever ! Here is a small glimpse:

Ecotourism in Belgium 2


A trendy and completely organic and natural cosmetics brand based in Belgium. They offer shower products, facial lotions, and creams as well as cocoa butter and hand cream. Even the packaging is 100% recyclable.  

Ecotourism in Belgium 3

 Stop the water while using me

100% natural cosmetics made in Germany. They offer 2 or 5 litre refill cans, shampoo, conditioner, and solid facial cleanser. 

Ecotourism in Belgium 4

PArfum d'ici

A French organic soap brand offered by Dolceo, a producer of soap dispensers. These products are made for hotel accommodation.

Ecotourism in Belgium 5

Lyna' Soap

The pretty shop on Rue Haute in Brussels is worth a visit. There you will find Marseille soaps produced by one of the last soap factories in Marseille.
But not only that, the shop also offers shea butter, solid soaps and refill bottles of shampoo, soap and maintenance products.
In short, this little shop nestled in the centre of Brussels will have something to seduce you. You will also find some of these products in the bed and breakfast "La maison haute" located a few houses away.

Ecotourism in Belgium 6

Malin Goetz

New York-based apothecary who offers natural cosmetic products. Their range includes beauty products, for hair, body and face but also perfumes and candles. 

Zero waste, organic, and local food

  • Zero waste consumption, everything can be eaten, nothing is lost. Sustainable and responsible use of food from the garden and pantry is key to help avoiding waste. At “L'air du temps”, a starred restaurant, which uses fermentation technology to preserve leftovers: a clever way to sublimate food in its entirety.

  • Local or very local consumption. Most of our guests are very sensitive to the consumption of Belgian products and more particularly very local products, such as products from the region, or from the village where they live. 

  • Home-made production thanks to vegetable gardens, greenhouses, etc.

Ecotourism in Belgium 7

Cleaning products

The cleaning products used in the establishments are also part of the key elements of a sustainable hotel or an eco-lodge.

For example, Ecover, many of whom are already familiar with. This Belgian and ecofriendly brand of cleaning products, also supplies hotel accommodation.

Energy consumption: Doing more with less

Here are some of the techniques we have encountered during our visits and discovery of new nests. Many of the hosts are concerned about their energy consumption and invest in sustainable and profitable solutions, such as :

  • The installation of solar panels, one of the most popular solutions.

  • The installation of a wind turbine

  • The implementation of a water regulation system to optimise water consumption

  • Rainwater harvesting and optimisation of its use in washrooms

Ecotourism in Belgium 9

Finally, here are some other sustainable solutions that contribute to Belgian ecotourism

  •         Dry toilets, contrary to what one might think, these can look like normal toilets and be completely comfortable and odourless!

  • Thermal insulation.

  • A green service option is also offered in some establishments when a guest stays for several nights. It consists of only washing the linen and towels that the guest wishes to replace.

Ecotourism in Belgium 10