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Nestled in a pretty square, in Antwerp's fashionable "Zuid" district, you won't want to miss this one. Its generous terrace is a real eye catcher and will make you want to stop. As soon as we arrived at the hotel, we noticed the conceptual research that harmonizes the building. The hotel has a variety of styles which, together, cohabit perfectly. Everything is carefully thought through and placed to ensure a perfect harmony; from the choice of furniture and art works, to the choice of plants. 


Pilar is first and foremost a hotel, but also a food bar and a craft shop. Since opening its doors three years ago, it is a place where conviviality and sharing are invited and encouraged as soon as you enter the premises. The hotel has 17 rooms of different ranges, including two top-of-the-range rooftop suites. It was designed by Christophe, the hotel manager and Sam, an interior designer. The high ceilings give a real impression of grandeur and light in each of the rooms. Although they are all different, similarities in the choice of materials used can be spotted such as the mortex, concrete, brick and flooring, which gives each room this warm and raw character. We have a particular soft spot for the eco room. The origin of the hotel's name comes from the Spanish female first name Pilar, cherished by its two founders.

THE service

Breakfast is optional and is served in the hotel's Food Bar. You can also have lunch and dinner there from Wednesday to Saturday. 


Christophe welcomed us during our visit, smiling and talking passionately about hospitality and conviviality. He is the conductor of the establishment. He used to be the chef of the Foodbar there, for which he now still designs the menus by putting his twist on food classics. Christophe explained that nothing would be as it is, if it wasn’t for Sam. He is an interior architect at Contekst and he initiated the conceptual research and design of the hotel, a challenge that was met with flying colours.


At its own pace, the hotel is trying to move towards a more sustainable management. For example, only European wines are on offer at the Foodbar and there are no dishes with avocados. The shop offers a wide range of handcrafted decorative items, some of which are made in Antwerp.

the little extra

A few special extras worth mentioning are that the east stairwell has been reinvented as an art gallery where Christophe exhibits his work as an amateur artist. Not to be missed under any circumstances! Also worth noting, the shower products are "Le Labo", an English brand, which notably makes custom-made perfumes. There is also a gym onsite called The Brick which is accessible free of charge via the hotel. Finally, the hotel has family rooms that can accommodate up to 4 people.


 From 125€ to 300€ depending on the size of the room and the breakfast option.

Number of rooms

Rooms for 2, families admitted, 17 rooms in total.


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Ps: Do not hesitate to let the host know you are coming from us!


Located in the centre of Antwerp, there is plenty to do and plenty to see.
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Leopold de Waelplaats 34, 2000 Antwerpen, Belgium

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