Design apartment for rent at the seaside in Ostend

The perfect match between an old-school apartment in Ostend and a talented Antwerp designer




You already know the artists behind this project: It’s the team from the Pilar Hotel in Antwerp. They have embarked on a second project: the renovation of an old-school apartment in Ostend. The challenge is more than successful and the result is great. In love with Ostend, their dream was to own an apartment 5 minutes walk from the beach and more precisely from the famous Thermae Palace. Located in a charming street with authentic houses, the building outside the apartment does not seem to house such an exceptional apartment. Similar to the Pilar, Paloma Spots offers a so-called "chaotic minimalist" design reminiscent of raw and pure concrete. 


During the visit, Sam, owner and designer, tells us that the apartment was originally occupied by a family. The back of the apartment has two bedrooms that can accommodate up to 4 people, a bathroom and a narrow balcony that is sunny in the morning.  At the front, a high-tech kitchen, a living room and a dining table overlook a large bay window. Everything has been thought of to reuse a maximum of materials already present on the premises as well as furniture and decorative elements already acquired previously. 

THE service

The apartment is for rent for a minimum of 6 nights. It will be entirely yours. 


Sam, the owner, is the designer of the apartment. He is also the founder of the interior design office Contekst in Antwerp. The origin of the name Paloma comes from his admiration for Paloma Picasso, daughter of Pablo Picasso, whom he was lucky enough to meet at a party in Barcelona. 

THE little extra 

When we visited, Sam had stars in his eyes as he showed us his new apartment. He put his heart, his passion and his talent to make it a place worthy of authenticity and harmony. He is only waiting for one thing: to be able to share it with others and let them enjoy it!


From 600€/week - rent for minimum 6 consecutive nights

Number of rooms

2 rooms for 4 people


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Ps: Do not hesitate to let the host know you are coming from us!


Located in Ostend next to the seaside, you have everything you need to explore the city of Ostend and relax and enjoy the beach

Where and when

Ostend, 5 minutes walk from the beach

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 Open all year long


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